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Barot valley : Paradise on Earth: Himachal Pradesh Tourism

Uhl river in Barot valley , Himachal Pradesh Barot , Himachal Pradesh a very beautiful place in District Mandi( Himachal Pradesh ) , India   which lies in Chauhar Valley better known as Barot valley .
It is an emerging tourist place which offers many outdoor activities and fun like angling, tracking , picnic spot , camping etc.

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Snowfall in Barot valley , Himachal Pradesh : Himachal tourism
  It is blessed with thick deodar forest , two beautiful rivers and extreme natural beauty.Rivers are full of trout fish.There is a government trout breeding center at Barot along with other private centers from where fish are released into the Uhl and there is a 30 km section of the river which is excellent for angling.So grab your fishing rod and start angling .

Haulage trolly lines at Barot , Himachal Pradesh : Himachal tourism
 A haulage trolley of the British times connects Barot valley to Jogindernagar. This trolley link was set up to facilitate transport of construction material to Barot for a reservoir on Uhl river for Shanan Power House. The trolley was also sparingly used as a means of transport since Barot was not linked to a road till 1975. However, once the road connection was established, the trolley fell into a state of disrepair. It is currently owned and maintained by the Punjab State Electricity Board. 
                                  You can grab Haulage trolly at Jogindernagar by making pass at P.S.E.B. office , Shanan(Jogindernagar). It is very thrill ride as it takes you from a height of 4150 feet to 8000 feet at winch camp. From where you can continue journey to Barot by descending
down from thick deodar forest  which is full of wildlife.
Reservoir in Barot Himachal Pradesh 

There are two reservoirs at  Barot under Shanan power project. This project is dated back to 1924 constructed by a British engineer Col. Betty. You can see old machinery used in project. 
 Barot also forms the gateway to the Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary which lies across the Uhl. The sanctuary is home to the monal, black bear and ghoral.
Bird's eye view of Barot valley
at Barot Himachal Pradesh

There is also a tracking pass to Kullu ( Manali ) from Barot.The road to Barot branches off at Jogindernagar - Mandi highways at Ghatasani.It is situated 40 km from Jogindernagar and 66 km from Mandi. The nearest railwaystation is at Jogindernagar.                            
  If someone wants to have vacation away from crowd, noise, pollution , daily tensions then this is the best place to visit ...
Barot village in Barot valley

How to reach : By road, route from Delhi will be Delhi – Chandigarh – Bilaspur – Mandi –Ghatasni - Barot (About 500 km)  
From Pathankot, the route will be Pathankot – Palampur – Jogindernagar - –Ghatasni Barot (about 206 km) 

By Train, Delhi – Pathankot and the narrow gauge track from Pathankot – Jogindernagar–Ghatasni then by road to Barot

By air : Barot is 127 km from Bhuntar airport near Kullu. You can also reach Barot from Gaggal airport near Kangra, approximate distance is 97 km
Ghatasni is place where road to Barot branches off from NH 20 ( on Jogindernager to Mandi way )

 Barot is about 66km from Mandi and 40 km from Jogindernagar.
 Public transport buses available from Mandi and Jogindernagar.

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Mandi as " Chhoti Kashi " and " Varanasi of Hills " , Himachal Pradesh

Mandi ( H. P. ) , previously known as Mandav Nagar named after Mandvay rishi (Sage) is also popularly known as " Chhoti Kashi " and " Varanasi Of Hills " . But why? because Mandi has more than 300 old and new temples. Because of the large number of temples and its location along River Beas and Suketi khad , Mandi is also known as 'Chhoti (Small) Kashi' and ' Varanasi of hills '.
                  Mandi was a princely state and now Mandi is a fast developing town that still has much of its original culture , character and charm. Today, it is one of the district headquarters of Himachal Pradesh . In Mandi , there are about 81 old stone temples and their enormous range of fine carving. there are lot of remains of old palaces and notable examples of 'colonial' architecture. The temples of Bhoothnath, Trilokinath, Panchvaktra and Shyamakali are among the more famous ones. 
                                    The week long international Shivratri fair in Mandi is the major attraction of the area every year. In the year 2012 the fair was celebrated from 21st to 27th February. In the fair the activities like cultural programmes in the evenings, exhibitions, sports etc. attracts the tourists as well as locals.
                                               Most of the temples are dedicated to Lord Shiva and the Goddess Kali. There are many classical temples which the Archaeological Survey of India has declared 'protected monuments' due to their historical significance.

 Some of These are :

Panchvaktra Mahadev Temple: 
Panchvaktra Mahadev Temple
This temple is a protected monument and is located near Beas river .

Trilokinath Temple Mandi  :

Trilokinath Mandir ,Mandi Himachal Pradesh 

This temple is made in 1520 A.D. by Queen Sultana Devi , wife of King of Mandi Ajber Sen .

Wall sculptures  , Trilokinath temple ,Mandi 

Other important Shiv temple in Mandi is Boothnath temple , which is situated in very crowdy area , Bhoothnath mohalla

Bhoothnath temple , Mandi

There are also a lot of Shiv temple in Mandi , I have photographed some of them , you can see
Full Gallery of Shiv temples in Mandi , which I have photographed , 

Lord Shiva in Mahamritunjay temple , Mandi

    Shri sidh Shiv shambhu , Mandi                                                                                                                                      Shiv Rudra Mandir , Mandi                                                                        
Beside a lot of Lord Shiva's temples , there are also many temples that are of great importance , Some of these are as :

Bhimakali Temple : Situated near Bhiuli , Mandi near river Beas , this temple is one of the main attraction in Mandi due to it's different  architect . 

Bheema Kali Temple , Mandi

The Gurudwara at Mandi :

Mandi has an historical Gurudwara in honour of Guru Gobind Singh, the 10th Sikh Guru, who spent some time in Mandi. The people and the ruler welcomed him with great warmth and supported the Guru in his war against the tyrannical rule of the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb; it is said that the city has the Guru's blessings. The Gurdwara is also unofficially referred to as Gurudwara Palang Sahab, because the Guru's Bed 'Palang' is still preserved here.(Source : Wikipedia)

Sikh Gurudwara in Mandi , Himachal Pradesh

There ara also many temples like Tarna Mata mandir also called Shyama Kali temple, Vishvkarma temple etc.
The environment in Mandi is thus very Divine and religious . 
Mandi town , Himachal Pradesh 

                             2. Some photos of Mandi town and temples in Mandi
                             3. Shivratri Fair in Mandi 2012

More information : Wikipedia link
                                                                         H.P. tourism official website

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Shivratri fair in Mandi 2012 , Himachal Pradesh tourism

Lord Madhav Rao (lord Krishna ) taking part in Shivratri Jaleb
From Deities(devta aur devi) present in Shivratri Fair , Mandi 2012
This year Shivratri fair in Mandi , H.P. started on Feb. 21 and ended on Feb. 27 officially .
 The fair started after the first jaleb ( a type of carnival ) in which the king of all deities of Mandi District , Lord Madhav Rao( lord Krishna) and other important deities of Mandi district including a lot of peoples take part in it . This year chief guest of first day of fair ., Prof . Prem Kumar Dhumal , Hon. Chief minister of Himachal Pradesh also took part in the Jaleb and first cultural night.

Full gallery : Deities(devta aur devi) present in Shivratri Fair , Mandi 2012
                           Shivratri Fair , Mandi 2012

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Prof. Prem Kumar Dhumal taking prt in Shivratri Jaleb

The chief deity of Mandi district Dev Kamrunag was stayed at Tarna Mandir , Mandi

Dev Kamrunag In Tarna Mandir during Shivratri Fair 2012

                                                        A large number of deities of Mandi district were come to the fair and I and my friend photographed them almost all who were present that time. The devtas and devies(deities) meet each other and danced with joy . Junior deities takes blessings of senior ones and all deities go to meet  Lord Madhav Rao . Thus environment there were totally divine . I have uploaded some videos of meeting deities and dancing . You will be surprised to know deities meet , dance and move on there will . If they are angry then they become so heavy that no one can lift them and only move when something done to pacify them . I know you all will not trust me but this is true and I am the one that have seen that thing myself.

Shivratri fair Mandi 2012
                         The main attraction of the shivratri fair , 2012 were to be Saras mela where a lot of hand made products by villagers and ayurvedic and natural products were sold . Reports shows good response to it. Beside that other exhibitions by the Govt.. like agriculture , solar energy , floriculture , horticultural products, and exhibition by M.S.M.E. of Minister Virbhadra Singh are of great attraction .

Malana art gallery , Shivratri Fair Mandi 2012
I would like to say that in all these exhibition i like most the Malana art gallery ., where a lot of hand made wooden model buildings of old architect of Himachal Pradesh were shown . It had gained very good response and I always see a lot of people around the gallery seeing and buying the models.

Shivratri fair mandi 2012

                              In other attractions a lot of fairy wheels and Columbus boats.and mickey houses are of great attractions.  Not only children but also adults also enjoyed them .
       In the food section Siddu remained on the top . Siddu is the local food of Himachal Pradesh specially Kullu district and in recent years it gained a lot of positive reviews among the people. It leaved behind other junk foods like kachori ,samosa , noodels , chowmin etc. and this is a good thing and beside being tasty it is also good for health , no oil used in making it.

Master Salim in cultural nightin Mandi shivratri fair

               In cultural nights the main attractions were Jazzy B , Master Salim , Pahari night and Kunal Ganjawala . I liked most The master salim show " humka peeni hai and tu badli sau bar guy" . This guy have a lot of energy and tactics to make you entertain .


I also liked Pahari night and Jazzy b show but I could not see Kunal Ganjawale show due to some urgent work. But heard that show was good and "chana ve ghar aa ja ve " was fabulous . Minister Virbhadra singh also took part in third cultural night of shivratri fair.

Mr. Virbhdra Singh in Shivratri cultural night

                                  I am very passive to the shopping in fairs because I think that in fairs you do not get quality material . But surprised to see that there a lot of good products in the fair and prices are lower than market. So I did some shopping but my sister had done a lot of shopping .

Ending my post I just want to say that I enjoyed the fair very much and will wait to next year's fair( if earth will not destroy on Dec. 2012) very eagerly .

Full gallery : Deities(devta aur devi) present in Shivratri Fair , Mandi 2012
                      Shivratri Fair , Mandi 2012

More info : Wikipedia

 Some Videos :

 Kailash Kher 's video is of previous year.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Visit to Sarahan , Himachal Pradesh Tourism

Sarahan Viait
Bhima Kali Temple, Sarahan : Himachal Pradesh Tourism

Sarahan is a small town in Shimla district, Himachal Pradesh, India. Famous Bhimakali temple is situated here, dedicated to the mother goddess Bhimakali, deity of the rulers of the former Bushahr State. It is one of 51 Shakti Peethas in India. River Satluj flows about 7 km below Sarahan. Sarahan is identified with the Sonitpur mentioned in Puranas. Sarahan is called as the gateway to the tribal region of Kinnaur.

Sarahan , Himachal Pradesh

Virbhadra Singh Minister of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises ,India and former Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh is from this small town.

Sarahan Visit
Shanti Kunj , Palace of Raja Virbhadra, Sarahan , Himachal Pradesh

 Near town Sarahan , there is a Bird park which is a pheasant breeding centre. It also houses the State bird Jujurana and former state bird Monal which is of a great attraction. 

Sarahan ViaitSarahan Viait

                                     Jujurana                                                                                Monal

Sarahan is about 29 kms off from Jhakri the establishment of biggest hydel project under S.J.V.N., and from Jeori it is about 17 kms.Sarahan is 564 kilometers from New Delhi and 174 kilometers from Shimla.

Sarahan Visit
Kinnar Kailash as seen from Sarahan : Himachal Pradesh Tourism

The best way to go to Sarahan is to travel by train to Kalka or by air to Chandigarh and then travel by road to Sarahan. Taxis and jeeps can be hired to reach to Sarahan. Bus services are also available from Shimla. It takes approximately 6 hours by road to reach Sarahan from Shimla.

More Info :            Wikipedia 
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Shikari Devi : Himachal Pradesh Tourism

Shikari Devi
Himachal PradeshTourism : Shikari Devi , Mandi 
Shikari Devi temple is situated at the distance of 10 km from Janjehli , Mandi (H.P.) , India , Janjehli is 85 km.from Mandi (H.P.)the district.headquarter .The Shikari Devi temple is devoted to Shikari Devi , named so because hunters in the area once prayed to the goddess for success in their hunt and perhaps, lies the origin of the name "Shikari Devi"(not confirmed).
Shikari Devi
Himachal PradeshTourism : Shikari Devi , Mandi

The temple is said to have been in existence since the time of the Dwapar yug , time of Lord Krishna and Pandvas,.The temple has no roof .Temple is situated at the top of the hill and surrounded by thick Oak and Coniferous forest.

Shikari Devi
Himachal PradeshTourism : Shikari Devi , Mand
The Shikari Devi Temple is positioned at a height of 2850 meters.  You can reach here by road but the condition of road is bad and it become inaccessible during rains and snowfall. However you can trek up to the Shikari Devi Temple from Janjheli and Karsog , trekking is enjoy-some and full of excitement.

Shikari Devi
Himachal PradeshTourism : Shikari Devi , Mandi

                                                                                     Click Here to view full Album

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Friday, 20 January 2012

Shivratri Fair in Mandi : Himachal Pradesh Tourism

Himachal Pradesh Tourism : Dev Pashakot(God of rain) in Shivratri fair

(For shivratri fair 2012 click here) Mandi Shivaratri Fair  is an international festival which held for 7 days starting with the Hindu festival of Shivaratri, in the Mandi town in Himachal Pradesh, India. The Mandi Shivaratri fair is held as per Hindu calendar every year on the Krishna paksha 13th day/13th night in the month of Phalguna that corresponds to February/March. Mandi town has the title of 'Varanasi of the Hills'  due to the fact that he large number of gods and goddesses that are invited to the festival.

Himachal Pradesh Tourism : Shivratri Fair in Mandi

The Mandi festival or fair is particularly famous as the special fair transforms Mandi town into a venue of grand celebration when all gods and goddesses, said to be more than 200 deities of the Mandi district assemble here, starting with the day of Shivaratri. Mandi town located on the banks of the Beas River, popularly known as the "Choti Kashi" and "cathedral of temples", is one of the oldest towns of Himachal Pradesh with about 81 temples of different gods(mainly of God Shiva) and goddesses in its periphery. There are several legends linked to the celebration of this event. The festival is centred around the protector deity of Mandi "Madho Rai" (Lord Vishnu) and Lord Shiva of the Bhootnath temple in Mandi

Himachal Pradesh Tourism : Shivratri Fair in Mandi
       The fair happens in Paddal Ground , Mandi whereas cultural programs performed during night at Seri manch near Indira Market . The cultural program is very famous as many popular singers and performers from Himachal Pradesh  , bollywood , foreign countries and rest of India performs in it.

Mandi town is accessible by road from Shimla, Chandigarh, Pathankot and Delhi. The nearest railway stations are Joginder Nagar and Shimla by narrow gauge train.

More information :  Wikipedia Link
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